Coronavirus Theories
This page contains evidence supporting my theories on Coronavirus. Feel free to disagree but I have found lots of evidence to support my idea that Coronavirus is a blood disease that attacks the Hemes proteins in the Hemoglobin. This appears to cause fibrin degradation which causes D-Dimers to be let out into the bloodstream. D-Dimers in large numbers can cause blood clots. This potentially explains the pneumonia, and the lung damage. It explains the kidney damage and heart problems. The D-Dimers potentially explain the blood clots and heart/cardiovascular events. It potentially explains why women who give birth are a little more susceptible (placenta rich in blood). It explains the bruising effect on the toes. And so many other symptoms etc. It also explains why Proning works better - the blood needs to keep moving around the lungs so that it can get in more oxygen. Laying patients on their back is starving them of oxygen.

Hemes protein metabolism affected by Covid 19

Heme metabolism affected by Covid

Covid 19 attacks hemoglobin

When hemes proteins break down,iron is released to the blood, and this can result in too much iron in the blood. This in turn can cause blood clots, strokes and cardiovascular events see here High levels of Iron in blood associated with blood clots and cardiovascular events

Evidence from China studies that D-Dimers resulted in higher death rates in Coronavirus

Blood clotting common in covid-19

Blood clotting and coronavirus

Virus shows in many forms

Coronavirus is like Aids

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