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If homeschooling is difficult for you for monetary reasons - you have no pc or internet. See bottom of page.

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From GaDOE:

Late last night, the Georgia Department of Education received word from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that two waivers have been approved to extend alternate meal service flexibility in the case of extended closures due to COVID-19.

This will allow schools to serve students’ meals through USDA-approved meal service options, at state-approved sites within the community. This is similar to the way schools and districts offer student meals during the summer months.

District superintendents and school nutrition directors were notified last night and GaDOE School Nutrition staff held a call with school nutrition directors this morning to answer questions about the process. Local communities could begin seeing alternate meal service options as soon as the beginning of next week.

“We know food insecurity for students who rely on school meals is a major concern during school closures,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “We are going to make sure there are options available for students as long as they’re needed, and state and district school nutrition staff are working round-the-clock to get this up and running for Georgia’s kids.”

“We appreciate the work our local school nutrition directors and their staff are doing to provide these meal options to Georgia students,” GaDOE School Nutrition Director Dr. Linette Dodson said. “Please contact your local district for information about meal availability in your area.”

Also see our link on this site above to Food Insecurity

Financial hardship?

Wheeler School Email


While schools are closed, teachers will be providing instruction and assignments through their class websites and blogs. We have compiled a list of Low-Cost or Free Internet Plans to assist you during the school closures.

Low-Cost or Free Internet Plans

Access by AT&T: A low-cost wireless home internet plan for low-income households. Access by AT&T provides high-speed internet service for $5-$10 per month. At least one person of your household should receive SSI or SNAP benefits to be qualified.

Go online: OR Call AT&T @ 855.220.5211

Comcast Internet Essentials: Offers affordable home internet service for just $9.95 per month– with no contract, credit check or installation fees. You automatically qualify for the Internet Essentials package if your child participates in the school lunch program, you are receiving HUD housing assistance, a low-income senior, a community college student in Colorado or Illinois or a verified low-income veteran. You will also have the option to purchase a laptop or desktop computer for only $149.

Online: Internet Essentials OR Call : No direct number for this program; must login to enter phone number and receive a call from an agent

Spectrum Internet Assist- Provides affordable high-speed internet connection to low-income families, students and seniors for just $14.99 per month.

PCs for People: A nonprofit organization that provides low-cost computers and free or affordable internet connection for low-income households. Potential recipients must be living below the 200% poverty level and currently enrolled in a government assistance program. PC for people offers high-speed internet for only $11.25 per month with no credit check or hidden fees. You will also be eligible to receive affordable PC or laptop repair for as low $25. Online:…/content/spectrum-internet-assist OR Call : 1-855-243-8892

Internet Essentials : For students without home internet service- $9.95/mo


Low-cost internet access with no contract or credit check Available to those who qualify for SNAP, National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, etc. Low cost computer offered at $149.99 for those who qualify for Internet Essentials

Cobb Schools

Cobb schools - from the Board

The district is working hard at putting together and communicating the plan for offering support to families that need it during the upcoming school closing. Some things I wanted to share:

- Comcast Internet Essentials (low-cost internet program) will be free for 2 months. You can check that out here:

- MUST Ministries is working through the details of their Neighborhood Pantry Plan. Also see Food insecurity list below

- As the superintendent communicated to staff this afternoon, permanent salaried and hourly employees will be paid on time while school buildings and district offices are closed."

Please continue to monitor the website for the latest updates.

Thank you to everyone for their patience, flexibility, and understanding as we navigate unchartered waters.

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