General Emergency Information Sources

  • FEMA

    o GA Emergency Information Twitter Feed -

    o FEMA Region IV Twitter-

    o National Facebook Account (shared by regions)-

    · During normal operations, we push the public to prepare for disasters by driving traffic to the site ( The site has hazard specific information on what to do before, during and after an emergency. This is a great site to quote or send people to during crisis events (particularly tornadoes). Most of this content is also duplicated on the smartphone apps that FEMA and Georgia have.

    · There are also a few great resources available for smartphones.

    o Ready Georgia App (

    -Local weather and public health alerts -Create and edit your Ready Profile for customized emergency plans

    -Maps of nearby American Red Cross shelters -Checklist of emergency supplies -Information on what to do during different types of emergencies -Hurricane evacuation routes -Disaster history for your location -Map of historic tornado touchdowns

    -This Day in Hazard History trivia

    · GPS Apps

    o There are a few of these and I can’t legally endorse any of them, but several of these apps allow for public sourced information. I know people that were able to get home in the winter storm (though slowly) by using these pay traffic/GPS apps. The best ones use crowd sourcing information

    · Contact your local EMA office

    o For people who want to call and speak with someone, they are best served calling their local emergency management office if it is not a life threaten situation, in which case they should call 911. The link above has the name, email and number of each county EMA.

    I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Brian Glaviano FEMA Region IV Atlanta External Affairs Specialist 770-220-5250

  • Emergency Preparedness Websites


    • Good & Ready
      • emergency planning, kit building, training opportunities
      • people can also pledge to be ready and post steps they are taking to be good & ready
    • (free publications on emergency prep)
    • CDC –   
      • Emergency prep & response -
      • Info by hazard, prep info
    • FEMA –
      • Site and resources available in over 20 languages, including ASL & Spanish
    • US Dept of Homeland Security –
    • GEMA –
      • List of all EMAs -
      • Tabs for info, preparedness, response, recovery, training, conferences
      • School safety -
    • GA Dept of Public Health -
    • American Red Cross 
      • links for blood donation, training, ways to help, getting assistance
      • only during a disaster, they will activate a family notification site that allows people affected by a disaster to post that they are safe and where they are relocating so family can find them
      • Emergency Prep -
      • Pet First Aid App -
    • Calendar of Weather Preparedness Events (i.e. Hurricane Preparedness Week)
    • FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) –
      • FLASH cards provide quick reference info on different hazards
      • Animated Homeowner “How To” Video Library
      • Resources also available in Spanish
    • National Fire Protection Association -
    • Georgia Emergency Management Interpreting Initiative, Inc. -
    • Georgia Poison Center -
    • Southeast ADA Center -
    • The Weather Channel -
      • Connect with Weather prep site -
      • Videos, info, steps to create family emergency plan
    • National Weather Service
      • Weather Ready Nation – “be a force of nature” site for prep
      • brochures on weather safety (lightning, heat, flood, etc)
    • National Flood Insurance Program
      • includes tools to rate your flood risk profile & estimate premiums
    • GA Power
      • To report an outage -
      • Outage info -
    • Cobb EMC (report an outage)
    • Atlanta Gas Light -
      • Leaks, odor, or emergencies - 877-427-4321
      • Call before you dig - 811


    • Points of Light -
    • Citizen Corps -
    • Red Cross -
    • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) -
    • Team Rubicon -
    • GA State Defense Force -
    • Fire/Police Explorers (varies by county)

    For Kids

    • Ready Wrigley (CDC’s superhero preparedness pup)
      • Main site has:  Family Communication Plan, Emergency Kit Checklist, and Backpack card
      • Booklets on hurricane prep, winter weather prep (also in Spanish)
    •’s ‘Be a Hero’ (also in Spanish)
      • info for kids, parents, teachers
      • DisasterMaster game, kit building, family communication plan, fact sheets
      • Lists events happening in your state
    • FEMA’s preparedness ambassadors are Flat Stanley and Flat Stella  
      • They have their own blog and app
    • National Fire Protection Association
      • family-friendly cooking ideas, info sheets, games, apps, printables
    • The Weather Channel’s Connect With Weather kids site
      • coloring sheets, puzzles, games
    • Girl Scouts of America -
    • Boy Scouts of America -
    • For Older Children
      • Prep 101:  Zombie Pandemic -
      • Comic Book (awesome) -
      • Site has lesson plans for educators


  • Here let's list general emergency information sources that might help in a crisis.



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