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Emergency Preparedness Planning for the Functional Needs Community Tags: functional needs disabled emergency preparedness disaster

I highly highly recommend Laura George's book on this - I personally believe her to be THE expert on Special needs and Functional Needs Emergency Planning. Her book is available here:


Laura points out things no one else does - like the fact that search and rescue teams (e.g. CERT) are trained to shout out "Can anyone hear me?" - and of course deaf people cannot hear that.. so search and rescue often leave behind deaf people..

Also that functional needs people who leave hospital after surgery or treatment from an accident that caused their functional need (e.g. Laura's husband who was made a paraplegic) have no care plan for emergency situations when they leave hospital.. social workers should talk to them/their caregivers about how they will be helped in emergencies BEFORE they leave hospital.. also lots of stuff about special needs kids - in Snowedoutatlanta, schoolbuses were stranded for 18 hours with no food, water or bathrooms available to the kids - that is bad enough for "normal" kids but for special needs kids that was very very life threatening - kidney problems etc..

Contact Laura here
She should speak at EVERY event around the country regarding this topic in my opinion




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"forest shipping freight forwarder FBA ..."
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